• Decrease likelihood of baby blues and post natal depression
  • Allow a quicker return to health after birth
  • Decrease likelihood of insomnia or sleep disorders
  • Decrease likelihood of iron deficiency
  • Increase in energy
  • Increase production of breast milk

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Placenta contains many kinds of amino acids, peptides, minerals and vitamins. Together with placenta extract, which helps women stay in top shape, this supplement also contains tocotrienol (super vitamin E), in an easy to swallow soft capsule.

20 days supply (3 capsules / day)


Each daily dosage (2 capsules, 660mg)


* Pig placenta extract powder 360mg
* Tocotrienol 6mg
* Vitamin B2 1.5mg
* Stabilizers (olive oil, beeswax)
* Casing (Gelatin, glycerin)

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